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LISTO Program

Youth Leadership

LISTO participants will take part in 6 learning sessions about team building, decision making, conflict resolution, life skills, career pathways, and additional leadership concepts designed to positively impact individual’s personal growth and future direction.


The program is designed to be highly interactive with a series of components:


1) Classroom Presentations: Presentations by a professional “LISTO” cadre of instructors comprised of key leaders and presenters.


2) Community Service Team Project: This project will also serve as an “incubator” for learning team building, decision making, communications, and conflict resolution skills.


3) Off-site excursion: Designed to expose participants to an outcome as a result of applied leadership lessons.


Participants will be expected to be comfortable with the following:

  • Complete one assigned reading and discuss lessons learned.
  • Work in a group and also independently.
  • Having transportation to local meeting sites – carpooling optional
  • Participate in a Community Service Project.

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